Top Elegant Text Animation Intro Templates for Kinemaster

Modern Title in Kinemaster

Download a Kinemaster Text Intro Templates, Make a Elegant Text Intro in Mobile. Free Kinemaster Text Intro Templates for Elegant Text Effect

Learn how to create a elegant text animation in kinemaster. These kinemaster text editing can be used for improving your kinemater text intro making methods. If you liked this type of concepts, then let me know in the comment section.

Kinemaster Templates for Elegant Text Animation:

Now create a new 16.9 aspect ratio project on kinemaster. Then set a black color as background and expended this project length into six seconds. Next add your background image also set that color filter into black and white.

Thereafter insert a black color layer and then fitted into full screen of project. Adjust that opacity value into 75 percentage. After that type your text also split the text into two parts.

Next insert your rectangular shape and rectangular stroke shape. Move a rectangular shape backward to the first part of the text Then move a rectangular stroke shape forward to your second part of the text.

Then set a draw by stroke in animation on stroke shape with 1.0 second. Also set a erase by stroke out animation with 1.0 second interval on that. Next set a wipe right in animation on rectangular shape with 1.0 second interval. Also set a 1.0 second swipe left out animation on rectangular shape.

Thereafter add a pop-up in animation on text one and also set a snap down out animation with 1.0 second. Now add a enter slide right in animation on text two with 1.0 second and also set a exit slide left out animation.

After 4.5 second trim the all layers length. Finally add a background music and set a audio and video fade out animation. Then export your project into high quality video.

Clean Text Animation:

First open your kinemaster application on your mobile phone. Now create a new project also set a black color as background. Set a project length into minimum 6.0 seconds.

Thereafter insert your first text layer and type your name here. Then change that font-family into Ubuntu bold and also close that shadow. Next insert your second text layer and type your tagline here.

After that insert a white color rectangular box. This box is moving downward to your text one. In second text layer each letters have single space gap. Then change that text color into red and font-family into league gothic.

Now move the rectangular box is backward to your second text . Then set a enter slide down in animation on second text. Also add a enter slide up in animation on first text. Set a exit slide down out animation on text one and exit slide up out animation on text two.

After that set a pop down in animation on white color rectangular box. Next idea in animation on white color rectangular box. Then set a snap down out animation on rectangular box with 1.0 seconds interval.

Trim the left side area of text one before 0.5 second also trim the left side area of text two before 1.25 seconds. Next trim the right side area of text one after 5.5 also trim the right side area of text two after 4.75 seconds.

Thereafter insert your background image and adjust that alpha opacity into 70 percentage. Finally insert a background music and set a audio, video fade out animation with 1.0 seconds. At last expert your kinemaster project into 4K video.

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