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Make a Social Media Lower Thirds for YouTubers using Kinemaster

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Social Media Lower Thirds in Kinemaster

Download a Free Social Media Lower Thirds for Youtube Videos in Kinemaster. These Social Media Lower Third has created by using Kinemaster.

Hey, Learn how to make a social media lower thirds in Kinemaster. This lower third is more useful for small youtubers. Because now most of the small youtubers are using Kinemaster to edit our YouTube videos.

So this lower third is used to increase the number of followers in social media. These triggers your audience to become followers on social media.

Create a Social Media Lower Thirds in Kinemaster

Create a 16:9 new project in Kinemaster as usual and set the black background. Next insert all the required files like social media icons and circles, rectangles, squares of different colors. Adjust the position of all the files as shown in our tutorial video.

Also set the in animation on those files. Here the rectangles have an enter slide animation and the circles have a scale up animation. The logo has a pop-up animation and the text has a wipe animation. Here you can change the text and logo to your liking.

For example, you want to make a lower third for YouTube. You set up the YouTube logo and type the YouTube link as well. Repeat these steps to make lower third for all types of social media. Finally set out animation on all files and export to video with 1080p quality.

Is APK Versions of Kinemaster Harmful for Mobile?

I say no because the apk version has two types like normal apk and mod apk. If you use the normal APK version of Kinemaster, it will not affect your mobile device. If you are using the mod apk version of Kinemaster, these may harm your mobile. Why is this dangerous?

In a mod APK version, hackers use certain programming codes to break that application servers. You never know what kind of codes will be used. So they have the opportunity to take your personal details like bank account, credit card, debit card and so on.

So far most of the mod APK version is not very dangerous. In my opinion do not use the mod version, which is also illegal. If you want to use the mod version, check the file access direction on the mobile.

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