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Free Photo Slideshow Template in Kinemaster 2020

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Photos Slideshow in Kinemaster

Download a New Kinemaster 2020 Template, Make a Photo Slideshow in Kinemaster. Free Kinemaster 2020 Template for Photo Slideshow.

Learn how to make Photo Slideshow Animation in KineMaster. Here we will also cover topics like slideshow making in kinemaster, how to make slideshow video, photo slideshow in kinemaster, kinemaster slideshow effects, kinemaster video editing, modern slideshow in kinemaster, slideshow maker and more.

Steps for Kinemaster Photo Slideshow:

As usual create your new project in KineMaster with 16.9 aspect ratio. Then inside a gradient background image also set that starting and ending position is same. Further expand the length of the project into 6.0 seconds.

Now insert a blue color oval shape then rotate that shape into 45 degree on anticlockwise direction. Then insert a light blue color oval shape this also rotate on 45 degree in clockwise direction. Thereafter insert a white color oval shape on this KineMaster Editing.

Later Add a 6.0 key frame point in light blue color shape. Also rotate that oval shape into 90 degree on clockwise direction at that current position. Further rotate a blue color shape into 90 degree in clockwise direction at that current position.

Next insert a some decorative overlay effects on each corners. Each overlays have a 0.15 second difference time gap. After that set a ripple water effect on all shapes. Thereafter insert your photo, this photo has cropped like as oval shape.

Further on this KineMaster editing, the photo is moving into center position. Then draw with red color rectangular box in bottom of your photo. Here type your text it has placed on rectangular shape. Now export this video and repeat this step for all images you use.

Again create a new project 16:9 ratio new project in KineMaster. Then insert your already saved all photo videos. Later add a spin blur transition effect in between of two videos. Repeated this step for all videos, then finally add a background music and export the project as video.

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