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Kinemaster Video Editing for How to make a Glitch Text in Mobile

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Glassy Glitch Text in Kinemaster

Kinemaster video editing tutorial to create a glitch text effect in mobile. This glitch text kinemaster video editing is useful to for intro.

Learn how to create a glitch text or logo animation in Kinemaster. Nowadays most youtubers use Kinemaster to create logo intro for our YouTube channel videos. They also use Kinemaster to edit our YouTube videos on mobile. So this Kinemaster text intro will be very useful for small youtubers.

Want to know how to create a glitch text effect in Kinemaster?

Here we will teach the text animation with some simple steps. Before moving on to the tutorial, you first need some effects, overlays and materials. They are offered at the Kinemaster Assets Store. The names of these effects are line shit, anaglyph slide and cinema frames. The use of material links is also given below.

After downloading all the files, now go to the steps to create that glitch text effect. Create a new project with a 16: 9 aspect ratio as usual. Then insert all the downloaded materials in that project.

Next adjust that position of materials as shown in our tutorial video. Also add your logo and set some motion effects on that layer using the keyframes option. Finally set the effects using the assets downloaded from the Kinemaster store and then export.

How can I get Kinemaster Premium Membership?

Activation of Kinemaster’s premium membership is not difficult. In India, the Kinemaster premium activation amount is only 1299 rupees per year. This implementation has two types, direct mode and redeem code mode.

In direct mode, you can buy the premium version in the Google Play Store using your credit card or debit card. This method is very simple. Here the money is transferred directly from the bank to the Kinemaster company.

In redeem code mode, you first need a Paytm or Google pay application on your mobile. These need to be linked to your bank account or some balance in the account. Convert the amount into a redeem code using the google play recharge option.

Then add that code to your email account, this account is used in the google play store. Finally this amount is added to our email account, use this amount to activate the Kinemaster premium.

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