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Download a Free Kinemaster Text Animation for Boxed Text

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Boxed Text Animation in Kinemaster

Download a Boxed Text Animation Intro in Kinemaster. Free Kinemaster Text Animation for Boxed Text Animation Intro in Mobile.

Hey, learn how to make a boxed text animation intro in mobile using Kinemaster. This text animation is more useful for small youtubers. Because now most of the small youtubers are using Kinemaster to edit our YouTube videos. So this text effect is used to create a various type of intros for our YouTube channel and also engage our viewers.

How to create a boxed text animation in Kinemaster?

Hello everyone, this time I am using Kinemaster to create three types of box text animation on mobile. Create a new project with a ratio of 16: 9 with a length of 6 seconds as usual. Alos set the black background. See our tutorial for more details,

First wipe box text, here I will insert different colored rectangles in Kinemaster. Set wipe right animation for both at different time intervals. Then add a text layer and set the wipe up animation on each letter.

Secondly enter slide box text, here I will add two rectangles and the rectangular outline with the same color. Set up an enter slide-up animation in one rectangle and enter slide down animation in another rectangle. Finally set up a pop animation in the text and draw by stroke animation on the rectangle outline.

The last one is the pop-up box text, here I use white as the background. Add black, blue rectangle and black rectangle outline. Set the exit slide animation for both rectangles with different intervals. Then add the text layer and move backward to the project.

How to get effects like Indian youtubers in Kinemaster?

Kinemaster is now the best performing video editor for iOS and Android mobile users. It has chroma key, keyframes, multiple text layers, video layers, handwriting layer and many more features.

These provide lots of overlays, text fonts, music, transitions and effects from our assets. Now a days most Indian YouTubers use Kinemaster to edit our YouTube videos. So they use a lot of sources from Kinemaster.

For example, some types of people use the glitch effect and the zoom effect to create logo intros. Another type of people use cut-out, slide-wipe and pop-up transitions to make text transitions.

Some people use clip art to create a photo slideshow for our loved ones or for unforgettable moments. But, I use all kinds of effects and features to create the Kinemaster tutorial video for my YouTube channel.

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