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Download a Kinemaster Effects for Golden Particles Logo Intro

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Download a Kinemaster Effects, Make a Golden Particles Logo Intro in Kinemaster. Free Kinemaster Effects Download for Particles Logo Intro.

Learn how to make golden particles logo intro animation in kinemaster. These kinemaster video editing can be used for improvising your kinemaster working overflow. If you liked this type of concepts, then let me know in the comment section.

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Logo Editing:

First open the PixelLab application on your mobile phone. Then insert your logo and also move your logo into center position. Also enable the texture option on that. Here I am using a golden texture image.

golden particles logo intro kinemaster - 1

Then select a emboss option. Also set that all values into maximum such as intensity, ambient light, bevel and specular hardness. Thereafter set that light angle into 32 degree.

After that enable the 3D option on logo image and also set the depth into one point. Now remove the background color of the project and then export the image into PNG format.

Effects Adding:

Next open your KineMaster application then create a 16:9 aspect ratio new project. Then set that project length into six seconds. And also set that background color as black.

golden particles logo intro Kinemaster - 2

Thereafter insert a grey color cover layer and adjust that opacity into five percentage. After 0.2 seconds insert your logo also trim that right side area after 5.8 seconds.

Then add a flare footage video after 0.3 sec also insert a golden particles footage video after 2.5 seconds. Both of there opacity are set that into screen. Now move the position of the flare footage video into top of the logo.

After that set a fade in animation on your logo image with 1.5 seconds interval. And also set that fade out animation with 1.5 second interval. Before the end add a background music for you logo intro.

At last set the fade out animation with 1.0 second on audio and video settings. Thereafter export your project video into high quality like as 4K, 1080p, 720p.

Are you liked this type of logo animation and particle effects in KineMaster, then don’t forgot to subscribe for our YouTube Channel for more tutorial lessons. And also let me know in the comment section of our channel.

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