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Kinemaster Layer Download – Horror Film Intro in Mobile

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Horror Film Intro

Download a Free Kinemaster Layer Effects. How to make a Horror Film Intro on Android mobile using Kinemaster Layer Effects.

Initial Steps:

First you will open the kinemaster application in your device. Then create a 16:9 aspect ratio new project in it. Now set a red color as a background and expand that into minimum 25.0 secs.

Footage Editing:

Thereafter insert a dripping video and fit that into full screen of the project. Next change the blending mode of that dripping video into screen.

Bloody Horror Film Intro in Kinemaster - Steps (1)

Now trim the dripping video into 5.0 secs and duplicate that into for your text counts. After that I duplicate that video into 4 copies and place that on one by one.

Text Effects:

In 0.5 sec create a text layer and type the text you wish. Here I type text “In this tutorial”. This text layer called as text 1. Then change the text font into ‘Eater Regular Font’ and also change that color into red.

Next set a fade in animation with 1.0 sec interval and trim that into 5.0 secs. Now duplicate the text layer into four copies and place that as one by one. They are called as text 2, text 3 and text 4.

Bloody Horror Film Intro in Kinemaster - Steps (2)

Then changes the text of all remaining text layers. Here i am typing “I am showing” in text layer 2 and “How to create a” in text layer 3. Finally i am typing “Horror Film Intro” in text layer 4.

Final Steps:

After that add a background music and set that audio fade out with 1.0 sec interval. Then lastly preview your project and export that.

Now insert that video on new project and set a vintage effect on that. Finally export your project into maximum quality such as 4K or QHD.

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