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How to Trim, Cut, Split and Crop a Video in Kinemaster

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Kinemaster Trim, Cut, Split, Crop

We will learn how to cut, split, trim and crop a video or photo in kinemaster. How to use cut, trim, split and crop options in kinemaster.

How to use Trim, Split and Cut Options in Kinemaster

Make new project using some ratios first, for example, 16: 9, 1: 1, 9:16. You can start inserting your videos and photos using the media layer option. This is also called as main layer.

Trim and Split a Video in Kinemaster

First select the photo or video you want and select the part of the timeline you want to split or cut. At that point tap the scissors button. Here you will see 4 choices like this.

The first selection is trim to left of playhead. It cuts the left side area of your video or photo. The second choice is trim to right of playhead. It cuts the right side area of your video or photo.

Next is the split at playhead. When you use this option, the video is cut into two sections. The fourth option is to split and insert freeze frame. It is used to split the video into two parts and add a freeze frame between them. The process also applies to the all media layer.

How to Crop a Video and Photo in Kinemaster

Before proceeding with the process, first start the new project with a 16: 9 aspect ratio. There are two types of cropping a video or photo in Kinemaster.

Crop a Video in Kinemaster

In first type, Now import a video to Kinemaster using Media. This media was an important layer. Then you will try to crop the video. On the right hand side, you have a lot of options. But you will not see a crop option here. So you can not crop video or image.

But here you can find a zoom option. Using this option, you will set the start and end position of the image or video. This is similar to the crop option, but does not reduce the size of the video or photo. Because it occupies the entire size of the screen.

Crop a Photo in Kinemaster

In second type, Now import a photo or video and set it as the background. then Tap the option next to Media and import the video you want to crop. Once the video has been imported to the media layer, the crop tool can be viewed. This is not available when importing video directly using media.

Now select the crop tool and tap on the mask option. You will find two features like shape and feather. Using this shape feature, you can crop video or photo into circle, triangle, heart, diamond, star and many more shapes.

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