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How to Make a Stylish Text Animation Effect in Kinemaster

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Stylish Text Animation in Kinemaster

Learn How to make a Stylish Text Animation Effect in Kinemaster. Create a Stylish Text Effect in Mobile using Kinemaster.

Stylish Text Animation in Kinemaster

As usual, create a new project with a 16: 9 aspect ratio in Kinemaster. Set that background color or main color to dark pink (128,0,64). Then type in your text in white color and set that font family to Poppins Extra Bold.

Now move the text to the center position and capture the layer image. Then change the background color to white and the text color to black. Once again capture the layer into picture. Further remove all the layers in the project and set that background color to black.

Next insert the two captured images and then they will fit on the right and left side of the screen. Set an enter slide right and Enter the slide left in the animation with 1 second interval on both of them.

Now add a black colored triangle and set it to the fountain overall animation. Then move the triangle to the center and adjust that layer position to after 0.75 sec. after that export the project as video.

Again create a new project in Kinemaster and insert your background video or photo. Further insert the recently exported video and set that blending option to the screen. Finally add a background music and cinematic frame overlay. Then export our stylish text video.

What is Advanced and Experimental Settings in Kinemaster App?

This settings have a some special features. Such as,

  • Media Browser Hierarchical Mode: It displays the folder location in a flat order.
  • Show Audio Amplitude Meter: It displays an audio amplitude meter when recording video.
  • Export Frame Rate Up to 60fps: It supports 60fps frame rate video for export.
  • Import Frame Rate Up to 240fps: It supports 240fps frame rate video for import.
  • Export Diagnostic Data: This allows diagnostic data to be collect and export.
  • Unlimited Video Layer: This increases the number of video layers that can be supported. By default it only supports 8 video layers.

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