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How to Make a Golden Particle Text Intro in Kinemaster

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Golden Particle Text Intro in Kinemaster

Learn How to Make a Golden Particle Text Intro in Kinemaster. Create a Golden Particle Text Intro in Mobile Phone Using Kinemaster.

Text Editing in Picsart:

Initially open the Picsart and create the white background layer. Next go to the drawing option also create the empty layer. Then draw the black color rounded rectangular shape. Also draw a white color rounded rectangular shape.

Lightly smaller to compare with first rectangular and merge both of them. Now erase the white color area and also split the rectangular into two parts. It was look like as lines, further smoothing the edges of lines and save as PNG format.

Later type your text into center, here I am type “golden particle text”. When select your favorite font style for the text. Next adjust the two text layers which place do you want. Then set black color for the two text layers and save the image.

Golden Texture Editing in PixelLab:

First open the PixelLab and import the Picsart saved image. Now remove the background. Select the orange color for the text. Then select emboss option and set light angle 270 degree.

Further set a intensity into 70 points, ambient light into 40 points, specular hardness into 50 points and bevel into 34 points. Again crop the image. Select the perspective and adjust that width into lightly bigger and also save the image.

Golden Particle Text Intro in Kinemaster:

Open the Kinemaster and create the new 16:9 ratio project. Then set the black color background and import the particle1 video. Next import the text image and crop it. Further select the color filter and set the effect like as orange tone.

Later set the wipe right in animation with 3.0 secs time interval. Move the text image layer position after the 0.7 secs. Now import the particle2 video. Then select the chroma key option, set a black color and adjust that values 70, 16. Finally and a music and export the video.

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