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Free Kinemaster Templates for Facebook Profile Intro in Mobile

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Facebook Profile Page Cover

Download a Free Kinemaster Template for Make a Facebook Profile Intro in Mobile. Free Kinemaster Intro Template for Facebook Profile.

Learn how to make a facebook profile intro in kinemaster. Here we will also cover kinemaster video editing, kinemaster logo intro, kinemaster tutorial, how to make facebook profile intro in mobile, social media intro in kinemaster and more.

Kinemaster Intro Template for Facebook Profile

Creating a New Project

Hello friends, first we are going to the open the kinemaster. We create the 16:9 aspect ratio project. Then, we set black color background also extend the background 15.0 secs for the project. Again we go to the initial step as well as insert white color layer.

Alignment of Facebook Logo

Next, we fit the white color layer into full screen and extend that layer in minimum 5.0 secs. We insert the blue color facebook logo and align in center. Meanwhile we insert the white color facebook logo also align in center.

Then we check that two facebook logo in same size. We insert the rectangular 1 image. Then all the materials are in below link. Later, the rectangular 1 image adjust to the facebook logo height. At that moment, blue color facebook logo pop in animation with 0.8 sec.

After 1.0 sec, we insert the blue color layer and this color like as facebook logo color. Next, it fit into full screen. To the front side, facebook white color logo and rectangular 1 image can be moved.

Facebook Search Bar

After 1.0 sec, we trim the left side area of white color facebook logo and after 1.25 sec we trim the rectangular 1 image. To the left side we move white color facebook logo and right side rectangular 1 image moved as lightly.

In white color facebook logo, we set 2 key points (i.e)1.25 and 2.0 secs. In 2.0 sec key point, we move the white color facebook logo to the left side as lightly. Again we set two key points to the rectangular 1 image (i.e) 1.25 and 2.0 secs.

In 1.25 sec key point, we move the rectangular 1 image to the right side as fully. In 2.0 secs key point, we move the rectangular 1 image in left side as near in white color facebook logo. After that adjustments, the two layers view like as facebook search bar.

Search Bar with Text

In 2.0 secs we create a text layer and type the text your wish in the kinemaster intro. Next, we close the shadow of the text and change the text color as black. Again, we change the font family of the text.

Later, we lightly move the text into left side. Then, the combination of text and rectangular 1 image looks like as search bar with text. We set wipe right in animation to the text with 1.0 sec interval.

Now 3.0 secs capture the project screen and insert as a layer. This layer is called as capture layer. Then, the capture layer has been cropped and fit into the search bar correctly.

This previous steps are initial steps to the project then you need more information about the project watch this tutorial. The tutorial video and the project material links are provided in below. Thanks for visit our page.

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